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Chiropractic is for everyone. Whether you are in pain or interested in preventing problems, we can help you.

Your body has to last you a lifetime. The skeletal framework, made up of bones, joints, and muscles, requires regular attention.  We use a variety and combination of techniques  to help to resolve imbalances in the body from previous injuries, poor postural habits, and repetitive stress. Imbalances in the body can cause dysfunctional biomechanics, accelerating the process of joint degeneration, and leading to loss of function. Ultimately, physical sensations of pain go to work on the mind and emotions, creating a negative internal environment.  Dysfunctional mechanics can be present long before we have symptoms- which is what leads many people to be proactive and visit us regularly.  However, the ball is in your court!

At Alpine Chiropractic we recognize that individuals are unique and therefore require individual solutions. We adapt our protocols to fit the patient. You may or may not have pain, but if you’re like us, you want that extra bit of range of motion so that you can go farther, faster, longer and stronger. From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, we all have asymmetries and imbalances that are often simple to correct.

We find that a multidisciplinary approach serves you best. We affiliate with other integrative providers and medical doctors to provide referrals to the highest quality health practitioners in the foothills.

We believe in the power of the body to become stronger than it’s ever been. And we believe in the power of the spirit to conquer fear and doubt. Most of all, we believe in YOU. We believe you can and will rise above what’s holding you back. And we are with you every step of the way, because we’ve been there. Our belief and our drive are rooted in our personal journey. We know you can do it, because we did it!


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Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Isaac has helped every member of my family, with outstanding care backed up by deep knowledge."
    Sabrina J.
  • "Dr. Isaac is a skilled professional who treats you with great care. He is an excellent health educator as well, and takes the time to explain and demonstrate the things you need to know to help yourself. If you want exceptional healthcare with a personal touch, Dr. Isaac Del Toro is for you."
    Jon K.


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