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1. X-Rays: In the Gonstead System are Full Spine, both A-P and Lateral views. Full Spine x-rays provide an accurate vertebral count, provide full spinal contour representation for posture analysis with axial weight-bearing, and show problems other than the chief complaint.  Full spine X-Rays are essential to Gonstead Chiropractic. They allow us to regard the patient totally in analysis and corrective procedures.

2. Visualization: We take into account all the information we can get from the patient by simply looking at them very carefully. In the Gonstead System Visualization starts from the moment the patient walks in the door. Differences in height between the ears, shoulders, and hips as well as posture and gait are useful to confirm your X-Ray and Palpation findings.

3. Palpation: Both Static and Motion Palpation are utilized in Gonstead Chiropracic to precisely pinpoint areas of involvement. Static Palpation is the “hands on” part of the examination. This will indicate changes in contour, tone, texture, and temperature on the patient. Motion Palpation is used to determine a subluxation and its listing. 


4. Instrumentation: Classically a dual probe instrument (Nervoscope or Delta-T) is used to get a bilateral temperature comparison of the spine to locate areas of inflammation. The readings obtained through instrumentation will show whether or not subluxations are present if they are being corrected, and when a correction has been attained.

Physiotherapy: Myofascial release and other soft tissue techniques such as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) using Smart Tools and Rock Pods for cupping. Ice or moist heat may be used at each appointment. This aids in the healing process and complements the chiropractic adjustment. We also provide advanced taping using Rock Tape.

Rehabilitation: Programs incorporate stretching and strengthening based on individual fitness levels. Evaluation of core strength and neurological balance are of tantamount importance.

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